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Ridge A, 1060 W. Addison

By bullpenbrian at 09.01.2009 Leave a comment.


The coldest, driest, calmest place on earth has been discovered.

Surprisingly, it’s not located at the corner of Clark and Addison, which was my first guess.

Instead, a spot called Ridge A, located on the Antarctic Plateau, takes first prize.

The average winter temperature there is a balmy minus 93-degress Fahrenheit–that’s minus 70-degrees Celsius and roughly a wee-bit colder than the Cubs’ playoff chances.

And why on earth, Ridge A included, is Rich Harden and Aaron Heilman still on the Cubs roster?

Why not trade Harden to the Twins, Heilman to the Giants, and get something back for players that will walk (or at least, should walk) at the end of September?

Jim Hendry’s stubbornness to ignore the season’s inevitable outcome is silly.

Meanwhile, on the city’s south side, GM Kenny Williams has smartly acknowledged the Sox’s failed playoff push by trading away Jim Thome to L.A. and Jose Contreras to Colorado.

In return the White Sox receive not only a minor league player in each deal, but also some much needed salary relief.

Hendry should have made similar move as Williams did Monday evening, but his failure to do so is not only a mistake, but yet another ugly extension of his horrific offseason.

September baseball in Wrigleyville may not turn as cold as Ridge A, but it’ll get pretty darn close.

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