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Cross Town Classic, Hardly

By bullpenbrian at 09.04.2009 Leave a comment.

White Soxcubs

The Cubs summed up its entire season in one game Thursday.

Good pitching, poor fielding and zero clutch hitting.

And have Cubs fans ever cared less about a loss against the White Sox?

In the last 29 innings the Cubs’ pitching has not allowed a single earned run. The offense, meanwhile, has averaged two runs in its last three games.

Yet, Lou remains adamant about playing his regulars. I just don’t understand it.

Although I truly respect Soriano’s great passion for the game, his playing on a bum knee helps no one.

It’s clearly time to call it a season for Alfonso. Let him get the surgery, rehab or whatever is necessary to have him back at full strength next spring.

Am I saying the Cubs should throw in the towel this season? Quite simply, YES!

Play the backups, rest the regulars and begin evaluations for next year’s roster.

Even the diehards are checking out after Thursday’s embarrassment, only the players are left to further disappoint themselves.

Say it all together now: Wait til next year!

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