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Wrigleyville Crush

By bullpenbrian at 09.13.2009 Leave a comment.


I’m spending the weekend at the Old Town Wine Crush.

Good weather, good food and apparently some good wine, too.

I do enjoy the occasional glass of grape, but don’t mistake me for a vino snob; I’m a beer drinker first.

Never had pork tacos until this afternoon, which were mighty good. So good, in fact, I’m going for round two Sunday!

Perhaps a few more rounds of wine will erase the memory of another bad loss by the Cubs?

I’ve never liked the ideal of Marmol closing, by the way.

He’s too erratic with his command and when his slider is right he’s the best setup man in baseball.

A title, interestingly enough, Marmol seems ashamed of carrying.

Of course, what are Lou’s options for closer at this point? Former closer Kevin Gregg is chopped liver and Angel Guzman isn’t the answer, either.

It’s not as if the closer’s role means anything at this point, but I’d like to think it’s a top priority this offseason.

Anyone up for Billy Wagner? I am.


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