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A Chicago Avocado

By bullpenbrian at 09.16.2009 Leave a comment.


I love eating avocados.

Whether that’s in guacamole, on sandwiches or whatever, I could eat one everyday.

The problem with avocados, however, is they’re entirely too hard to keep fresh.

You either buy one, eat one, and to do so in a timely fashion, like immediately, or you’re left with a mushy brown mess and two bucks lighter in the back pocket.

If the Cubs’ season were an avocado, it would already be in the waste can: its tasty talent disappointing far too long for enjoyment.

Major league baseball, of course, doesn’t work this way. Teams simply can’t cut short the season because things went sour.

Chicago has a full month of games left to be played, and that’s one crappy bowl of guacamole the Cubs are left to eat.

At the very least, they can eat it with a smile, winning some ballgames even if the postseason is unreachable.

Only next year will the Cubs be a fresh avocado. In the meantime, pass the chips.

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