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Let Harden Walk

By bullpenbrian at 09.17.2009 Leave a comment.


Typical Cubbies Wednesday night, what more can I say?

The season is so dead; we’re already talking about the 2010 schedule with excitement. Yeaeaaah,  Whoopiee…big-deal!

This series against the Brewers was supposed to be a big deal last year, and now it’s what? Plain. Awful. Baseball.

Anyway, it’s also late, my eyes are heavy and I’ve got a big day tomorrow, that being lunch at the Backstage Bistro.

So I’ll leave you with this…No Way the Cubs should resign Harden this offseason (and I’ve been saying this for many months now).

Try giving me one good reason why they should re-sign Harden and I’ll listen.

Otherwise, let’s just settle for saying there’s too much money for too many problems when it comes to Richy Rich.

Not to mention, a few weeks ago Hendry made the mistake of not trading Harden to Minnesota when he had the chance. Now the Cubs will dump Harden over the winter and get zero in return.

But Hendry can prevent the situation from getting any worse by cutting ties with the inconsistent and oft-injured right-hander.

On the other hand, bring Harden back in 2010 and we’re staring at Chicago’s version Jason Schmidt, Mike Hampton and Kris Benson.

Harden, of course, isn’t in this category yet, solely based on his still reasonable $9-mil a year contract, but shame on the Cubs if they give Harden any more dough.

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