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Another Cubs’ Day

By bullpenbrian at 09.18.2009 Leave a comment.


Thursday’s game against Milwaukee was another one of those days.

Wasn’t Wells’ day, wasn’t the offense’s day, wasn’t a winning day.

The Cubs have had a bunches of them this season, too.

It’s like watching a copy machine spit out duplicates of the same losing box scores…Cubs pitch but can’t score, Cubs hit but can’t pitch.

Anyway, playing the Cards in September is suppose to be meaningful, which they have been the past two years, but not this weekend.

No, this September the Cubs enter the series nine-games back of St. Louis and already resigned to playing the likes of ‘has-been’ former-Cardinal So Taguchi.

He’s now the 43rd player to suit up for the Cubs this season, one more than last year’s total.

Here’s the thing about this year’s count though, 13 of these players have been rookies, nine of which are pitchers. Not exactly ideal for making that playoff run to October.

Look, it’s Cubs vs. Cards for three days, so I’m not saying don’t watch it, but let’s be real here, this isn’t about celebrating a rivalry, it’s about wrapping up the last road trip of a dreadful season.

At last, a near end to another one of those days, home or away.


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