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Forget Heilman’s No.s

By bullpenbrian at 09.19.2009 Leave a comment.


I don’t care what Heilman’s numbers are this season.

I’ve never felt comfortable with him pitching, and that’s largely because he just doesn’t look the part, I guess.

The other part is Heilman’s tendency, at least it seems, to crumble in big spots…always trying to do too much, as was the case Friday night.

Not exactly a good idea to go Macho Man Randy Savage against Matt Holliday in the bottom of the ninth.


Think about this, too. It’s not like Heilman ever got it done for the Mets, and he sure as hell hasn’t got it done with the Cubs either, and yet here he is in late September serving up the game-winning home run against the arch rival Cardinals. How’s he do that?

Hendry should’ve traded Heilman to the Giants when he had the chance in late August, but the deal was waived off.

And this leaves one thing’s for sure: whatever it is the managers, scouts and front offices around baseball see in Aaron Heilman, I most definitely don’t.

As for the competition, they’re seeing Heilman real well…one meatball at a time.


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