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Where’s Scales’ Halo?

By bullpenbrian at 09.20.2009 Leave a comment.


Looks like Bobby Scales lost his halo.

The man’s burning-up in left field, too: misplaying balls in the corner and turning a should’ve been long out into a crucial home run ball.

Still, you can’t fault the guy for his effort. He’s playing out of position, he’s playing with pride, and he’s playing to make the team full-time next year. I’ll take that over Milton Bradley any day.

Speaking of which, Milton’s post game comments about leaving Chicago is music to my ears, and the best news from this club in eight weeks!

There could’nt be a single better move this offseason than for the organization to rid itself of Bradley’s poison.

Ship this guy to any club willing to take him…if such a thing even exists.

And get this; the Cubs have lost 10 of its last 12 games at St. Louis by two runs or less, seven of which have come by just one run.

What’s that’s say about Lou’s skippering, eh?

Not good my friends, not good.

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