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Bradley Is Hendry’s Defining Moment

By bullpenbrian at 09.21.2009 Leave a comment.

This is the moment that defines Jim Hendry’s career.

A career that’s no longer defined by any previous player transactions or back-to-back division titles.

It’s about a single deadly move that helped tear apart a 97-win team before the first game was even played this season.

Milton Bradley played Hendry for a sucker, which he was, and now it’s put Hendry’s job in jeopardy.

Suspending Bradley for the remainder of the season is a calculated move to help the GM save face, but it’s already too late.

The risk of signing the game’s biggest malcontent comes with a price…lose the gamble, lose your job.

Its doubtful Hendry didn’t realize the full repercussions of another Bradley blowup, yet he was still willing to risk his career on it.

It seems the first question that remains unanswered is if Hendry will have any opportunities to trade Bradley this offseason.

After all, what GM in his right mind would want this guy?

But what I’m wondering, however, is if Hendry will even be around longer than Bradley?

Should Hendry stay or should he go? That’s the first question that needs answered.

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