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Cubs’ Road Woes

By bullpenbrian at 09.28.2009 Leave a comment.


Winning a division means winning on the road.

The Cubs didn’t do that this season and not surprisingly, they’re not winning the division either.

Eighty one road games in the books and the Cubs finish seven-games below.500 at 37-44. That hurts.

What worse is their disappointing road series record of 10-15-1.

By stark contrast the Cubs definitely played better at home posting a 44-34 record, including 12-5-7 in series play.

Understandable, home games are only half the battle, not to mention the other half is much tougher too.

That half is spent on tarmacs, in airplanes and in different time zones.

Look, any team can win at home, but the best ones know how to win on the road.

Given they’re no more road games this year; I’d say things are looking up.

Now how’s that for some Cubbie spin!


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