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Tiger By The Tail

By bullpenbrian at 09.29.2009 Leave a comment.


I picked Minnesota to finish dead last in the AL Central.

I figured Joe Mauer’s early season back troubles and the tough economy would kick start the Twinkies into rebuilding mode.

Instead, Mauer is a legitimate MVP candidate and the Twins are just two games back of the division leading Tigers. My bad, dawgs.

Here’s the rub: the Twins have just seven games to make up the difference, but the next four are against the Tigers in Detroit, beginning with a double-header Tuesday afternoon.

Minnesota is 9-5 against Detroit while outscoring them by 19 runs. If the pattern continues it’s likely this race comes down to the final game of the season. Nice!


This time next week the Cubs’ season will be over…officially.

The upside, however, is that we’ll have the postseason to lean on for a few more weeks, and without the worry of suffering through another three-and-out in the NLDS.

All things considered, I’ll take the one year break from the postseason if it insures Milton Bradley is history and the new ownership is solidified.

It should’ve never gone down this way on the North Side, but as they like to say in the NFL “it is what it is.”

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