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Peg Legs Play Two

By bullpenbrian at 10.01.2009 Leave a comment.


I don’t care what the circumstances are; losing a twin-bill at home against the Pirates is flat out embarrassing.

The Bucco’s threw two starters with a combined record of 7-14 against Lilly and Zambrano and still outscored the Cubs 12-2.

I’m without words, have been for awhile now.


There’s a small chance this was Zambrano’s last start as a Cub.

But with all the reasons why ‘Z’ should be dealt this offseason, I just don’t see that happening.

His contract is too large and good starting pitching is too hard to come by in free agency.

It’s on Lou to get Carlos straightened out by next spring.

That means lots of tough love, which I believe Piniella is still capable of handing out.


No hard feeling for Lilly.

He’s been the best arm on the staff all year…perhaps even the last three years.

Had the Cubs given Ted some consistent run support he’d be a 15-game winner again, not his fault of course.

When he did get the runs, however, four or more to be specific, he posted a sparkling 8-1 record.

As it is, the lefty finishes the season 12-9 with a staff leading 21 quality starts and 8-2 home record.


I had a surreal moment during the fourth inning this evening.

While strolling along Waveland Avenue behind the left field bleachers I counted all of 12 people from the left field foul pole to Murphy’s Bleachers.

No ballhawks, no kids and no vendors…just me a few folks presumable headed to the Addison L stop.

Had any hit flown over the left field bleachers I could’ve Army crawled to reach it before anyone else.

Never seen it so quite here during a game day and never expected too, either.

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