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A Clear View Of Samardzija

By bullpenbrian at 10.02.2009 Leave a comment.


Three layers and winter gloves was no match for the bitter cold rain at Wrigley Thursday night.

Although, somehow I managed to be the last man standing on the rooftop at the Skybox on Sheffield.

For that achievement I won a covered seat on the lower deck after the second inning.

Nothing like having a clear view of Jeff Samardzija getting pounded by the Buccos!

I’ve said all year Samardzija isn’t big league ready.

He entered Thursday night’s game with an overall record of 1-3 with a 7.53 ERA.

That breaks down to an abysmal 1-1, 9.19 ERA home record, and 0-2, 6.16 ERA road record.

It’s apparent Jeff needs more minor league seasoning. Period.

I’m bothered by the situation on two fronts.

First, the Cubs’ unwillingness to let Samardzija mature at his own pace, and secondly, Jeff’s lack of progression with the big club.

Lastly, the Cubs have been too indecisive about Jeff’s role.

Is the guy a starter or a reliever?  A question I’m not sure even Samardzija himself could answer.

Tell the kid his role and let him earn the promotion come spring training.

Stop hurrying him to the North Side, if he needs more time at Iowa, give it to him.

Rushing Jeff isn’t helping the Cubs win games, and isn’t that the whole point?


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