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Chicago, Cubs Both Lose

By bullpenbrian at 10.03.2009 Leave a comment.


Just what the Blackhawks didn’t need: Sports Illustrated picking them to win the Stanley Cup.

Talk about a bad omen, the Hawks might as well sign Milton Bradley to play right wing.

Yet despite Si.com’s dubious prediction, there’s still no good reason why Coach Q’s bunch shouldn’t compete for a championship, but then again, I felt the same way about the Cubs too.

I guess you never can tell.

The last week of the baseball season is shaping up to be a fitting ending to the Cubs’ disappointing season.

In the last three days two last-place teams have outscored the Cubs 24-5, and that includes the embarrassing sweep at the hands of the Pirates from Tuesday’s double-header.

What else can you say other than the Cubs have checked out early?


I couldn’t care less about the city losing its bid for the Olympics.

And quite honestly, it’s probably more of a win for the city than a loss.

But in general, I couldn’t care less about the Olympics games, let alone where the host city is located.

Sadly, the games are nothing more than a laughable matter suffocated underneath a blanket of  bribery, corruption and PEDs.

Hey, the truth can hurt!


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