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Favre, Twins Own Minnesota

By bullpenbrian at 10.07.2009 Leave a comment.


Talk about epic.

You’ve got players on both sides saying this was the greatest game they’ve ever played in, and I wouldn’t questions those feelings one bit.

Rallies, comebacks, home runs, guys getting thrown out at the plate…all ingredients to classic postseason baseball games, even if this one technically counts towards the regular season.

Take the ‘07 Mets off the hook…Detroit now holds the most recent colossal collapse in baseball, blowing a three game lead with four to play, a first in Major League history mind you.

Maybe Miguel Cabrera can drink to that?

Long live the Metrodome, too! Favre’s magic Monday Night, and now this for the Twins, an AL Central crown despite trailing the Tigers by seven games with just 20 to play.

I’m not sure how far Minnesota’s momentum carries then against the Yankees, but I’m jumping on this bandwagon.

After all, I’ve never been one to miss a good party!

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