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Torre vs. Steinbrenner

By bullpenbrian at 10.11.2009 Leave a comment.

I’m already thinking Dodgers vs. Yankees in the World Series.

I’d just love to see Torre, who was shamefully pushed out of Gotham; take it to the Steinbrenners.

The former Yankee skipper doesn’t get the credit he deserves for winning four championship rings.

Back-to-back NLCS appearances with the Dodgers, however, can’t be ignored.

The Cardinals played much better in the NLDS than the Cubs did the past two Octobers, but still left with the same result: no wins.

Now they’re left this offseason with the challenge of trying to resign both Holliday and Pujols to long term contracts.

A Pujols deal will get done for sure – Holliday, not so much.

And who knows if Holliday will even want to return to St. Louis after his error in Game 2 basically cost the Cards its season.

That said, if any team can turn the trick it’s St. Louis, but my gut tells me Holliday ends up playing elsewhere.

What’s it take for Mark DeRosa to play for a winning team in the postseason?

He’s been on the losing side in 10-straight playoff games dating back to his days in Atlanta. Ouch babe!

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