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Rudy Jaramillio A Hit For Cubs

By bullpenbrian at 10.15.2009 Leave a comment.

The best regarded hitting coach in baseball is officially available.

Rudy Jaramillo, the Rangers’ long-time hitting instructor, has turned down a one-year offer from the club.

Now a free agent, the 59-year old says he’s uncertain of the pending sale of the Rangers and wants more stability than a one-year offer.

The Cubs could give him that stability, and the Tribune’s Phil Rogers makes a good case why Chicago should make the move.

I was never in favor of the Cubs firing Gerald Perry this season, but I understand a shake-up was necessary.

We knew Lou wouldn’t be axed, and Hendry certainly wasn’t going to take the blame for the Bradley signing and fire himself. Perry, right or wrong, was next in line.

His replacement, Von Joshua, made sense given his ties to Triple-A Iowa, but his results with the Cubs’ hitters was less than spectacular.

When you have a team on the cusp of greatness, like the Cubs are, it’s worth the money to go after the best.

Chicago’s window to win is closing, not opening.

I’m with Rogers on this, give Jaramillo what he wants and get this guy preaching on the North Side.

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