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Padres Need Kim Ng

By bullpenbrian at 10.19.2009 Leave a comment.

The Padres should hire Kim Ng as the team’s next general manager.

Ng is more than qualified for the job and the move would also help transition MLB away from its long-standing good ol’ boy policies, which is still prevalent given the lack of minorities managing from both the front office and the bench.

Thus, the hiring of Ng is a wonderful opportunity for San Diego to forever change baseball for the betterment of the league, and the Padres organization.

Ng, a product of the University of Chicago, isn’t a gimmick or a publicity stunt. She’s earned the right to be taken seriously for a general manager’s role.

By waiting her turn, paying her dues and successfully surviving in the man’s world of professional baseball, Ng deserves the chance based on her qualifications, and not her gender.

I say shame on the Padres and shame on baseball if Ng is rejected for the position.

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