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2009 Cy Young Award

By bullpenbrian at 10.20.2009 1 comment.

Cy Young Award

*My pick

American League

*Zach Geinke: He was the most dominating pitcher in baseball this year, in either league, and the fact he won 16 games playing for the Royals is even more impressive. What a joke if the kid doesn’t win the award.

Felix Hernandez: No market hides talent more than Seattle, which is why King Felix’s name is often left out of the conversation. He’s one of the best hurlers in baseball, but basically remains an unknown to the masses. Know this, however, if Greinke doesn’t win the award Hernandez should.

Roy Halladay: He pitched nine complete games and four shutouts over 239 innings. If that’s not Cy Young material, I don’t have a clue what is. It’s clearly a shame Halladay remained in Toronto at the trade deadline, he could have been the difference maker for any postseason club.

National League

*Tim Lincecum: If the Giants had any resemblance of an offense this kid would be a 25-game winner…no joke. He basically matched his numbers from a year ago, which earned him the hardware in 2008, and should be good enough to bring it home again this year, too. I don’t have any doubts more Cy Youngs will follow this 25-year-old, either.

Chris Carpenter: The man won his first Cy Young in 2005 and could very well earn his second award this year. If you’re strictly a numbers person, however, Carpenter isn’t your guy. He didn’t lead the league in wins, strikeouts, games started or innings pitched, but he was darn close.

Adam Wainwright: He’s the numbers guy and there’s something to be said for that achievement. But despite his NL leading 19 wins, the right-hander hasn’t reach the class of Carpenter and Lincecum just yet.

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