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Angels Need Prayer In New York

By bullpenbrian at 10.25.2009 Leave a comment.

Don’t think the Angels can come back against the Yankees?

Then let me remind you of the 2003 NLCS, when the Marlins overcame a 3-1 series deficit to knock-off our beloved Cubbies.

The odds, of course, are not in the Angles favor. Only nine of the 28 teams down 3-2 in the LCS have ever come back to win the series.

And of those nine teams, only four were able to turn the trick by winning the final two games on the road: 1985 Royals at Toronto, 1991 Braves at Pittsburgh, 2003 Marlins at Chicago and the 2004 Red Sox at Gotham.

Let’s face it, this isn’t favorable betting odds for the Halos, but the point I’m making is the series isn’t over just yet.

Can’t spin the postponement of Game 6 in the Angels favor, either. The extras day’s rest plays right into the hands of New York throwing CC Sabathia in a possible Game 7.

But what I can assure you, however, is the Angels thrive on the underdog’s role. They’ve won five of their last six games in comeback fashion and two of those were road games that lasted at least 12 innings.

And as much as the media wants us to believe the Yankees have dominated this series, the fact is they haven’t. Three of the five games have been decided by one run, the Angels winning two of them.

Coming from behind is the Angels’ calling card; it’s simply what they do.

The outcome of a Game 7 is never a certainty, leaving the Yanks to take care of business Sunday night or the Halos could be AL Champions on Monday.

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