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Zambrano Equals Manny

By bullpenbrian - October 21, 2009 - 12:56 am Leave a comment.

We can only hope the Cubs are paying attention to what’s transpired with Manny’s arrival in Hollywood.

Despite Philadelphia’s 3-1 series lead in the NLCS, the Dodgers’ over-hyped, over-paid knucklehead is once again the headliner and for all the wrong reasons, of course.

Instead of enduring L.A.’s tough loss in Game 4 with his teammates on the bench, Manny gets caught showering in the clubhouse before the end of the game.

And in typical fashion, the Dodgers’ entire organization covered for him…again.


2009 Cy Young Award

By bullpenbrian - October 20, 2009 - 12:01 am 1 comment.

Cy Young Award

*My pick

American League

*Zach Geinke: He was the most dominating pitcher in baseball this year, in either league, and the fact he won 16 games playing for the Royals is even more impressive. What a joke if the kid doesn’t win the award.

Felix Hernandez: No market hides talent more than Seattle, which is why King Felix’s name is often left out of the conversation. He’s one of the best hurlers in baseball, but basically remains an unknown to the masses. Know this, however, if Greinke doesn’t win the award Hernandez should.

Roy Halladay: He pitched nine complete games and four shutouts over 239 innings. If that’s not Cy Young material, I don’t have a clue what is. It’s clearly a shame Halladay remained in Toronto at the trade deadline, he could have been the difference maker for any postseason club.


Padres Need Kim Ng

By bullpenbrian - October 19, 2009 - 12:03 am Leave a comment.

The Padres should hire Kim Ng as the team’s next general manager.

Ng is more than qualified for the job and the move would also help transition MLB away from its long-standing good ol’ boy policies, which is still prevalent given the lack of minorities managing from both the front office and the bench.

Thus, the hiring of Ng is a wonderful opportunity for San Diego to forever change baseball for the betterment of the league, and the Padres organization.


Milton Bradley For Pat Burrell?

By bullpenbrian - October 16, 2009 - 12:25 am Leave a comment.

I’m willing to give Jim Hendry a mulligan on the Bradley signing, on one condition, of course.

That being Hendry’s ability to clean-up his own mess.

Clean-up duty, as we all know, never appears as large a job as it truly is, and trading the game’s most recognizable malcontent won’t be easy, either.

Hendry and the Cubs, however, can’t move forward this offseason until they take a step back and trade Milton.


Rudy Jaramillio A Hit For Cubs

By bullpenbrian - October 15, 2009 - 12:24 am Leave a comment.

The best regarded hitting coach in baseball is officially available.

Rudy Jaramillo, the Rangers’ long-time hitting instructor, has turned down a one-year offer from the club.

Now a free agent, the 59-year old says he’s uncertain of the pending sale of the Rangers and wants more stability than a one-year offer.

The Cubs could give him that stability, and the Tribune’s Phil Rogers makes a good case why Chicago should make the move.


Tracy, Scioscia Managers of the Year

By bullpenbrian - October 14, 2009 - 12:01 am Leave a comment.

Manager of the Year

*My vote

National League

*Jim Tracy, Colorado – There wasn’t a better manager during the season’s second half, and the Rocks nearly overcame a 15-game deficit to win the division against the Dodgers in the West.

Joe Torre, Los Angeles – A division title despite the Manny debacle and the rash of injuries, especially felt on the pitching staff. Classic Torre all the way.

Tony LaRussa, St. Louis – Kept a Mod Podge group in contention until the trade deadline. It was all beautiful baseball from there, until the postseason, of course!


MLB Needs 150 Game Season

By bullpenbrian - October 13, 2009 - 12:23 am Leave a comment.

I know it will never happen, but I’ll suggest it anyway.

Why not shorten the baseball season by 12 games?

The season could start later in the spring and finish earlier in the fall.

Then, perhaps, we wouldn’t be left watching the postseason play out in 30-degree weather, or in early November for that matter.

The owners will never go for it, though: too much money to be lost in those precious 12 games.


Angles Get Papelbon, NY In ALCS

By bullpenbrian - October 12, 2009 - 1:28 am Leave a comment.

Jonathan Papelbon lives on the edge and the Angels finally made him pay for it.

Additionally, this win in particular could power the Angles to a world championship.

Rallying from a four run deficit was impressive, namely scoring three runs against Papelbon, but not nearly as important as the mental hurdle Anaheim jumped in sweeping the Red Sox.

Having been eliminated by Boston in three of the past five postseasons, it was more a question of mental toughness for the Halos than talent.

New York is no joke, of course,  but the Angels piece of mind is enough to give the Yanks a runs for their money in the ALCS.

Speaking of which, A-Rod seems to have found his own piece of mind in the postseason going 5-for-11 with two home runs and six RBI against the Twins.


Torre vs. Steinbrenner

By bullpenbrian - October 11, 2009 - 12:01 am Leave a comment.

I’m already thinking Dodgers vs. Yankees in the World Series.

I’d just love to see Torre, who was shamefully pushed out of Gotham; take it to the Steinbrenners.

The former Yankee skipper doesn’t get the credit he deserves for winning four championship rings.

Back-to-back NLCS appearances with the Dodgers, however, can’t be ignored.

The Cardinals played much better in the NLDS than the Cubs did the past two Octobers, but still left with the same result: no wins.


Teixeira’s Big Mac!

By bullpenbrian - October 10, 2009 - 1:39 am Leave a comment.

Teixeira’s walk-off reminds me of McGwire’s record breaking shot on September 8, 1998.

Big Mac powering a sinking line drive over the left field fence at old Busch for No. 62.

What’s funny is how both these guys are so well known for their majestic home run blasts, yet coincidentally, their most important ones barely cleared the wall in left field!

Twins put up a valiant effort Friday, but they’re toast in this series.

The Yanks have too much talent, and all the momentum, to let a 2-0 lead slip away.

I figure Boston; on the other hand, can still rebound from an 0-2 hole against the Angels.


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