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Kit Kat Bars & He-Man

By bullpenbrian at 11.01.2009 Leave a comment.

I dressed as a skeleton for Halloween. It’s the same costume I wore last year, and the year before too.

Next Halloween I’ll break out the ol’ bones wrap yet again.

And why not? It fits perfectly, is light-weight and age-appropriate, as far as adult costumes are concerned!

Betcha didn’t know Kit Kat bars are my favorite Halloween candy, either. Loved them since I was playing Little League and dressing up as He-Man.

If Kit Kat bars were starting pitchers, I ate the entire rotation this afternoon. I just can’t help myself; they’re so darn tasty and chocolaty!

Meanwhile, have you any idea that nine of the past 10 teams to win Game 3 –with the World Series tied 1-1– have gone on to win the series?

The lone exception being the 2003 Yankees, who lost three straight against the Florida Marlins.

How do I know Andy Pettitte is a future HOF? His 17 postseason wins is the MLB-record. The guy’s in, believe me.

Chase Utley went 0-for-4 ending his amazing streak of reaching base safely in 27-straight postseason games.

That’s big-time people, and a feat much more deserving than the barely noticeable attention its receiving from the media.

With NY up 2-1, I’d rest CC another day instead of throwing him again Sunday. Pitchers don’t fare well on three-days rest, at least historically speaking.

Sabathia, on the other hand, has been an exception to the rule on short rest, but why hurry him back to the bump if you don’t have to?

Phils appear doomed without Cliff Lee. So is J-Roll’s Phillies-in-five prediction.

They have to take Game 4; it’s a must-win. No way Philly takes three straight and the final two games at New York.

Gimmie a break if you think otherwise.


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