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Tom Ricketts’ Talk Is Cheap

By bullpenbrian at 11.04.2009 Leave a comment.

Indeed, Tom Ricketts’ talk is cheap.

The man’s promised Cubs fans the world, as in world championship, king of the hill, top-dog.

And why not make such promises? Isn’t this, after all, what new owners are supposed to do, give lavish speeches of glories yet to come?

I mean seriously, what new owner has every stood in front of the home town audience and proclaimed we’re not here to win, but to merely competewinning is not the only thing of importance here, so is the budget…championships you say? Aha championships, shampionships, people.

It’s nothing against Ricketts, I think the guy’s going to be a solid owner, but I couldn’t care less about his declaration to the media about a new day for Cubs baseball.

Spare me the talk, Tom. I’ve heard it all before. If it’s all about winning, which make no mistake it is, then put a winner on the field.

And when the Cubs finally win its first championship in one hundred and however many years it is, I’ll hang on your every word.

Until then, however, how about a new RBI man and a nice set-up reliever?

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