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Not The Yankees Again

By bullpenbrian at 11.05.2009 1 comment.

Would you believe it’s already been eight years since Luis Gonzalez’s RBI single off Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the ninth lifted Arizona to a 3-2 win in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series.

I certainly remember the moment well. Gonzo jumping up & down with boundless joy, the D-Backs celebrating its first ever championship, and the wild scenes of jubilation coming from my college dorm room.

To hell with the Yankees and their seemingly go-billion dollar payroll, I thought. Long live the Snakes!

And with that thought in mind I drank most of the night away. I was feeling good about baseball and tickled pink those damn Yankees were at last first place losers.

Not exactly the same feeling this year. At least not with the Yankees back on top and me watching the series’ finale while eating a Stonyfield Raspberry yogurt.

What baseball fan wouldn’t want to feel that excitement from the ’01 series again, and to share another go-round with the all-night celebratory beverages with friends (except for New Yorkers, of course). But next time how about it’s the Cubs winning the World Series.

For certain, it can happen, but  in the mean time I’ll settle for the alternative: anybody except those damn Yankees!

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  1. bill says:

    Well, I’m with you on this one. The nice thing about baseball is that it is NEVER over. You’ll see what I mean here:


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