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GM Meetings At O’Hare Hilton

By bullpenbrian at 11.10.2009 Leave a comment.

Jim Hendry can trade Milton Bradley from his own backyard.

The GM meetings last until Wednesday at the O’Hare Hilton, and the sooner Hendry deals Bradley the better.

Despite the new ownership of Tom Ricketts, the Cubs’ payroll is expected to increase just slightly from last year’s.

That means with at least six players arbitration eligible, the Cubs have barely enough wiggle room to get everyone resigned and think about adding one mid-level free-agent, too.

Lord knows I’m not crying about the Cubs’ payroll. It’s plenty high. Too high, in fact, not to be in the postseason.

But the timing of a Bradley trade isn’t about the team chemistry stuff. Instead, this time it’s soley about the money…specifically the $21 million still owed to him by the Cubs.

In all honesty, I couldn’t care less what player(s) the Cubs get in return. All I’m interested in is how much money the Cubs can get out from under Bradley’s contract.

In turn, whatever that number comes out to be it’s best served going towards some bullpen help.

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