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Aaron Heilman Traded, Hallelujah!

By bullpenbrian at 11.20.2009 Leave a comment.

Aaron Heilman was my whipping boy last season, an obvious fact for those who reads this blog with regularity. I hammered the guy pretty hard too, like the rest of the National League.

Mudslinging isn’t my style, but Heilman’s inconsistency in the clutch was unbearable. Cubs leading, Cubs trailing, Cubs tied…Heilman stunk in every situation. And if you didn’t cringed at the site of Heilman taking the mound this summer, you’re obviously not a Cubs fan.

Granted, Heilman never had much of a chance with me anyway. I never cared for his pitching while with New York and I certainly didn’t favor Hendry’s trade for him last winter.

I couldn’t care less about the prospects in return, either.  It’d be great if one of them worked out down the road, but most importantly, Hendry rid himself of an unreliable bullpen arm. To which I say, enough with the Bob Howrys, Aaron Heilmans and Kevin Greggs.

Teams don’t win championships with guys who are predictable, hittable and forgettable on the mound.

Jim Hendry must take the Cubs’ bullpen situation more seriously. Forget about leadoff hitters, center fielders or whatever else, what this team needs first is solid bullpen arms, not whipping boys.

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