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Albert Pujols The Great

By bullpenbrian at 11.25.2009 Leave a comment.

As a Cubs fan it’s easy to dislike Albert Pujols, but you have to respect the guy, even as a rival Cardinal.

Take a look at Pujols’ 162-game averages for his career and tell me there’s not a better player in the game:

.334/.427/.628 with 42 home runs, 129 RBIs, 94 walks, 124 runs scored, a 1.055 OPS and 374 total bases.

    That from a guy who was taken in the 13th round of the 1999 draft…and just another reason I love the game of baseball.

    Ted Keith of Sports Illustrated wrote a terrific article on Albert Pujols’ third MVP Award. He sums up Pujols best with this line…

    • Looking for flaws in his individual seasons is like looking for a stray brushstroke on a masterpiece. Even if you find one, does it really subtract from the overall beauty of the work?

      It’s the perfect description of the best player in the game, a noted Cubs killer and a man also MVP-worthy off the field too, something a Mr. Bonds will never touch.

      Of course I’d love Albert more if he played outside the NL Central, but then again, we’re lucky to watch him perform against the Cubs 18 times a year.

      Listen, I’m not telling you to love or hate the guy, but understand this may be the greatest talent we’ll ever see play in our lifetime.


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