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Bud Selig Out After 2012

By bullpenbrian at 11.30.2009 Leave a comment.

Bud Selig says he’s stepping aside as commissioner after his contract expires on Dec. 31, 2012.

I know it’s easy to bang on the commish, and in some cases rightfully so, but I still think Selig takes more heat than he should.

Nonetheless, baseball needs the change in leadership…whether the owners want to believe it or not.

My biggest gripe is that the league moves at a snails pace when it comes to change, and that’s a major burden needing to be put to rest.

The next commissioner must be a forward thinker, one who works quickly for change and avoids putting the owners first and the fans second.

In addition, the game needs a global draft, a stronger marketing campaign towards America’s youth and minorities and above all else, a level playing field financially.

Not to mention addressing the fans demand for World Series games that ends before 1pm EST, less time in between playoff games and an All Star Game exhibition that doesn’t impact World Series home field advantage.

The “To Do” is long, but undoubtedly fixable.

Without question, baseball has seen measurable success under Selig’s reign, but the lack of leadership to grow this great game in the right direction remains…at least for another two years.

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