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Wrigley Field’s New Billboards

By bullpenbrian at 12.01.2009 Leave a comment.

Tom Ricketts is adding billboards atop the bleachers in left field, and guess what folks, this is just the beginning.

Get ready for digital video boards, more ads on the outfield walls and plenty of ad signage erected throughout the concourse.

But as fans we must grow accustom to the changing financial landscape of the Cubs under Tom Ricketts.

And if the guy’s serious about building a championship franchise, well, that comes at the cost of selling the ballpark like the Yellow Pages.

It stinks, no doubt, but it is what it is…retaining the Cubs’ many star players and luring the game’s premiere free agents has its price.

Changing the look of Wrigley Field will be a painful reminder of this, but all worth it if the Cubs wear the ring.

Like you, however, I have my limits. Believe me, I’ll be the first to organize a small militia in Wrigleyville the moment Ricketts considers selling the stadium’s name or famous red marquis sign outside Clark and Addison. The centerfield scoreboard is off limits too.

In the meantime, the makeover of Wrigley Field is underway...so let’s just hope the Cubs follow suit on the field.

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