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Charie Weis Football’s Dusty Baker

By bullpenbrian at 12.02.2009 Leave a comment.

I don’t give two hoots about college football. Couldn’t care less about Notre Dame’s 6-5 record, either. But Irish talk is practically unavoidable living in Chicago.

Nonetheless, I was a fan of Charlie Weis despite his disappointing record at South Bend (35-27). I thought the fat man represented the program well, but of course, winning is the bottom line…and ol’ Charlie didn’t cut it. And that, people, reminds me very much of Dusty Baker’s tenure with the Cubs.

But who’d of thunk it from these two guys who coincidentally came to Chicagoland heroes and left beaten and broken: zero championships, little support and no answers.

Chris Jaffe is the author of “Evaluating Baseball’s Managers, 1876-2008,” which profiles 89 managers, including 11 Cub skippers. One of which is Dusty Baker in Chapter 19.

And as Jaffe puts its: Baker was neither as bad as he appeared in Chicago nor as good as he seemed in San Francisco.
Couldn’t agree more…Charlie Weis included. Read more of Jaffe’s article here.


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