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Milton Bradley For Jose Guillen?

By bullpenbrian at 12.07.2009 Leave a comment.

Winter Meetings get underway this afternoon through Thursday.

Obviously, Hendry’s one goal is trading ‘Milton the Terrible.’

I’d say forget about the Rays and the Rangers for the time being, teams which are unlikely to pay for Bradley anyway, and go after someone like Jose Guillen in Kansas City, which is a possibility according to SI’s Jon Heyman.

Jose is no saint, of course, but his numbers are legit and the guy can still play solid defense. And, if you get a full season out of him at little ol’ Wrigley Field, we’re talkin’ 30-plus home runs and 110-plus RBI.

Perhaps, an even better choice is former-White Sox Aaron Rowand. He’s two-years younger (31) than Guillen, more durable and with a far better temperament, too.

Maybe the Chicago-life rejuvenates Rowand a bit, reminds him of his glory days on the South Side! For certain, he’d be the center fielder the Cubs absolutely need. Plus, he’s an everyday-type leader and affordable, nonetheless, at least compared to Milton’s huge deal.

Honestly, however, it doesn’t much matter who or what comes back for Bradley…just as long as the man goes. Hendry’s career, after all, depends on it.

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