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Milton Bradley Heading West?

By bullpenbrian at 12.09.2009 2 comments.

Disappointing to see the Cubs miss out on Granderson.

Of course, I have no idea how much the Cubs were involved in the trade talks, but with all the moving parts of a seven-player trade, I thought the Cubs had enough talent to be involved.

It’s not devastating news, but obviously Granderson would have been a tremendous fit to roam center field at Wrigley.

On the other hand, Granderson’s arrival in N.Y. likely increases the availability of Melky Cabrera. No reason Hendry shouldn’t give the kid a look, either. He’s a young 24-year-old with upside.

Meanwhile, several news outlets are reporting that the Rays, Rangers and Royals are willingly out of the running for Milton Bradley. Apparently, however, Hendry is still making headway in dealing the disgruntled outfielder.

My best guesses for a possible Bradley landing site are out West: San Diego, Oakland and San Fran. Again, I couldn’t care less where the guy lands, just as long as it’s not on the North Side.

Hendry has so much riding on this move I’d be surprised not to be talking about a Bradley trade in the next two days. The last thing Hendry or the Cubs need is an extended month of speculation surround Bradley’s departure.



  1. So if with Granderson gone does that mean we can sign Mike Cameron now. Still think he would be a bargain for 1-2 years. Wouldn’t mind Melky, but I think the Yanks will hold on to him.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      I’m with you Bryan. Would love to see Cam-boogie in Cubbie Blue.

      For certain, I take Cameron over M. Bryd.

      Melky, of course, would be the better fit all around, but I agree the Yanks will do their best to hang onto him.

      For the love of Harry Caray’s pants I hope Hendry turns a trick before leaving Indy!

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