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Milton Bradley Market

By bullpenbrian at 12.10.2009 Leave a comment.

Who knows if there’s truly a market for Milton Bradley.

I mean seriously, why on earth would you want this guy on your club?

But good for Jim Hendry if he’s stirring the pot to generate more interest anyway.

Elsewhere…I like the idea of signing Mike Cameron. I think even at at 37-years of age Cam-boogies has enough in the tank to help the Cubs win the pennant.

Cameron most likely remains a 20-HR, 70-RBI guy at the plate, which is decent, but more importantly he can still pick it in center.

Such a move also puts Fukudome at his more natural position in right field and allows Cameron to support Soriano in left. Good deal all around.

The Rangers paying a guaranteed $7.5 million for Harden is outrageous. Why, why, why would you hand over that kind of dough to a guy who was coddled in the National League?

Declining to resign Harden is a move Hendry will look smarter for down the road.

Turn up the heat on Hendry’s GM seat if he returns to Chicago with Milton riding shotgun. One more day to go…we’ll see what happens!


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