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Cubs Need Dope On The Table

By bullpenbrian at 12.11.2009 Leave a comment.

Talk about not living up to the hype. What a boring week at the Winter Meetings.

Where were all the money-for-money deals with the bad economy? Where was the blockbuster trade for Roy Halladay? And where, oh where, was the ‘Milton the Meltdown’ trade?

All we got was the three-way Granderson deal to New York, which is just wonderful. I mean, who doesn’t want to see another All Star suiting up in pinstripes? Grrr!

Meanwhile, Hendry did plenty of talking about potential deals, but closed nothing, of course. No Granderson, no bullpen help and most notably, no Milton trade.

I’m willing to accept that groundwork was laid this week for possible deals later on, but to borrow a saying from HBO’s The Wire, it’s time Hendry put some ‘dope on the table.’

Make no mistake; the Cubs need better pieces just to win the division next year. Milton isn’t one of them and neither was a dormant Winter Meetings.

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