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Bradley Bomb Is Ticking

By bullpenbrian at 12.14.2009 Leave a comment.

Maybe today’s the day Milton becomes a Tampa Bay Ray? It appears that’s the only legit option left on the table for Hendry anyway.

I’ve said all along the Cubs should take Burrell in exchange for Bradley. So what if Burrell doesn’t fit the Cubs roster, which he doesn’t, that’s not the point. You eat most of Bradley’s contract, flip Burrell for low-level prospects and move on.

Letting this circus drag on is the last thing the Cubs wanted, but is exactly what’s happening. Not to mention, with each passing day Hendry losses leverage.

Another idle week of chit-chat and it’s likely the Cubs release Milton, eat all of the $21 million still owed on his contract and get nothing in return. And that bomb, like Bradley, is ticking.

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