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Milton Bradley Traded To Seattle

By bullpenbrian at 12.18.2009 Leave a comment.

Let’s not confuse the Milton Bradley trade for a great day in Cubs’ history. The fact is it’s far from it.

Sorry, but trading the most cankerous sore in Cubs’ history for Carlos Silva just isn’t on par with no-hitters, record setting performances or dare I say, a world championship.

Doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see Bradley go. The truth is I’m thrilled.

Bradley, after all, is the lone player I’ve wanted gone since last January when Hendry officially made him the worst player he’s ever signed, and since early February when I said Bradley was the main cog keeping the Cubs from winning a championship and lastly, since Bradley divided the locker room by mid-summer and sank the Cub into a late season downward spiral.

Bradley’s stay on the North Side was flat out embarrassing. His poor play, antics and childish behavior never made for a special day, but rather a necessary day to part ways with the malcontent.

Bradley was, in every sense of the word, a complete failure. And who wants to celebrate that?

For certain, you breathe a sigh of relief knowing Bradley is gone to Seattle, perhaps even crack a smile, but there’s no trumpeting this as a great day for the Cubs.

All we can say is, at last the embarrassment is over.


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