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Who Is Carlos Silva?

By bullpenbrian at 12.21.2009 2 comments.

Milton Bradley had to go, that was a given.

Whoever the Cubs got in return didn’t much matter; just making Bradley Cubs’ history was sufficient.

As it turns out, it’s right-hander Carlos Silva, who’s been dead weight (and over weight) for the Mariners the past two years.

Silva, however, is better than his 5-18 record in Seattle.

He proved that during his six years spent between Philadelphia and Minnesota, which eventually landed him the big-money deal that paid him an outrageous $12.5 million last season. A season, mind you, that ended after eight games and a bum right shoulder.

Now whether or not Silva returns to his old form, where he twice won 13 or more games, is yet to be determined. But at just 30-years-old, there’s still hope for him.

Milton, obviously, had no hope and no place with the Cubs, which isn’t the case for Silva. The Cubs have openings in both the rotation and the bullpen leaving Silva a fighting chance should he lose some weight and recover well from the shoulder ailment. It’s long odds, but not unthinkable, either.

It’s impossible to get the short end of a deal that sends Bradley packing, but my gut says Milton out performs Silva by miles next year. Not that really I care, regardless of what happens with Carlos Silva on the North Side.



  1. Dale says:

    No room for Milton is correct. Whenever I hear about the trade all I can say back is EIGHT TEAMS and FIVE in the last FIVE YEARS. Enough said.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      I’m right with you, man!
      Still can’t believe Seattle wasted the best offseason of any team in baseball to trade for him!
      What on earth are the M’s thinking?
      Thankfully, however, now that Bradley is history we can focus on the Cubs addressing its other needs: a center fielder and more bullpen help.
      Dealing Bradley was huge, obviously, but doesn’t complete the puzzle, either.
      Thanks for checking out the article. Look forward to hearing from you again.

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