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Carlos Zambrano Trade Rumors

By bullpenbrian at 12.22.2009 Leave a comment.

I’d prefer the Cubs not trade Carlos Zambrano.

You don’t easily replace top-of the-rotation arms in the big leagues. And to win anything you’ve got to have those golden arms…especially in the rotation.

I’m not, however, bothered by the rumors the Cubs are listening to offers for him. Zambrano’s stock is high and it’s likely the Cubs would get a sweet deal in return while ridding itself of a hot-tempered, lazy and fragile self-anointed star.

Zambrano’s visible talent to be great has never come under fire, but his motivation to do so rightfully has. That alone gives Jim Hendry the green light to put out feelers.

The embarrassment of last season’s performance should motivate Z to greater heights in 2010. But if it’s another season clouded by childish on-the-field meltdowns and lazy preparation, Zambrano should be dealt elsewhere.

Of course, trading Z this offseason wouldn’t be easy on two fronts. First, he has a full no trade clause and a whopping $91.5 million dollar contract.

Secondly, even without reaching his full potential Zambrano is still better than most starters in the league, which only a hand-full of would be available anyway.

The Cubs have given Zambrano all a pitcher could ask for: plenty of money and a talented cast around him. It’s time Carlos lives up to the expectations and his contract. Play hard for the Cubs or play elsewhere.

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