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Scott Podsednik & Mark DeRosa

By bullpenbrian at 12.29.2009 Leave a comment.

Scott Podsednik doesn’t belong on the North Side, and it’s not just a White Sox thing, either.

The guy’s injury prone and his defense isn’t what it use to be, which was never above average to begin with.

Despite Podsednik’s ability as a solid leadoff man, he’s just not the fit the Cubs need in center field. Better options are available (Reed Johnson) and the Cubs are better off taking a flyer on Scotty Pods.

Besides, an aging Alfonso Soriano in left field is already enough poor defense to overcome. Adding a second sub-par defender isn’t the shot-in-the- arm Jim Hendry should be looking for.

–Signing a two-year deal with San Francisco is a good move for Mark DeRosa. He’ll be a full-time starter at third base and the Giants are on the cusp of being a playoff contender.

DeRosa’s likable personality makes him a good fit on any club, but with San Fran he’ll fit in exceptionally well. The city’s forward thinking crowd will love D-Ro the same way in which they did the well-spoken Rich Aurilia for so many years.

The Cubs don’t face the Giants until mid-August when they play a  four game set at San Francisco. DeRosa’s return to Wrigley comes the following month for a three-game series against the Cubs in late September.

–Former-Cub Bob Howry is returning to his native state to pitch for the D-Backs. I always liked Howry the person: solid dude, and a true professional at his craft. The results of his pitching, however, not so much.

I’ll give the guy credit for his first two seasons with the Cubs, which were fairly good, but his last in ’08 ended in shambles. I can’t remember another Cubs reliever who gave up more big home runs since Mike Remlinger and Kyle Farnsworth.

As it was, the Cubs smartly cut ties with Howry and he eventually signed with San Francisco last offseason.

As expected, the 35-year-old fell flat posting a 2-6 record and 3.39 ERA. Apparently, however, Arizona is so desperate for bullpen help Howry is a fit. Oh, how the once mighty Bob Howry and the Arizona Diamondbacks have fallen!


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