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Andre Dawson Hall Of Famer!

By bullpenbrian at 01.07.2010 Leave a comment.

Congratulations to the Hawk for making the Hall of Fame! Unquestionably, it is well deserved.

I’ve always said Dawson was a no-brainer pick, despite the writers’ refusal the past eight years.

But thankfully, the scribes came to their senses, elected Dawson in and finished what should’ve happened years ago.

Of course, if there’s any silver lining to Dawson’s long wait it’s that he’ll shares the stage with no one come the July induction ceremonies. Cool for the Hawk, but bad for the Hall.

The voters should be embarrassed that Roberto Alomar fell short of enshrinement.

Are we not, after all, talking about the best second baseman since Joe Morgan, a sure-fire Hall of Famer, and another no-brainer decision like Dawson?

Yet, the writers have spoken…Alomar must wait.  A decision that makes absolute zero sense to me, and at the very least, reflects poorly on the writers as well as the game’s great shrine.

Is it not clear the voting system is flawed and needs fixed?


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