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Give Dawson A Cubs Hat

By bullpenbrian at 01.08.2010 Leave a comment.

You can’t erase Montreal from baseball history, and I wouldn’t want to, either.

But baseball left Montreal and it’s not coming back.

That’s why Dawson goes into the HOF wearing a Cubs cap.

Let the guy’s career be celebrated in a city where the game is still played, a place where he put up some of his best years, and a place where he won the MVP Award on a last place team.

Let Chicago embrace Dawson with the likes of Ron Santo, Billy Williams and Ernie Banks. Let Dawson become a team ambassador, let him throw out first pitches and let him stand on the field and watch as the Cubs raise a tribute flag in his honor atop Wrigley Field.

No matter how unfortunate, none of this happens in Montreal. It can’t possibly be done with an organization gone extinct.

Of course, I’m not saying the Cubs should celebrate Dawson any differently regarding the head wear on his Hall plaque, but wouldn’t it be all the more fitting, for both baseball and Dawson, if he’s enshrined wearing Cubbie Blue?

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