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Cubs Promise Hawk A Flag

By bullpenbrian at 01.11.2010 2 comments.

As I predicted, and according to Fred Mitchell at the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs are promising the Hawk a jersey retirement if he goes in the HOF as a Cub.

It’s not an issue with Dawson, who publicly stated last week he would prefer a Cubs cap on his Hall plaque.  Problem is, Dawson and the Cubs have no say in the matter…it’s the Hall of Fame’s decision.


This spring the Cubs can opt-out of its Spring Training contract with Mesa, Arizona and be relocated to Naples, Florida by 2013.

The city of Mesa is making a desperate push to retain the Cubs, but it may be too late. While the city scrambles to promise upgrades to its current facilities, Naples is becoming a legit destination in the Cubs’ mind.

Even the $4.2 million relocation cost (to opt-out of Mesa deal) hasn’t perturb the Ricketts family.  Either way, we’ve heard for months now the Cubs’ decision would come in January…still no word!

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  1. Bruce says:

    Mesa is doing anything but scrambling to keep the Cubs. They were talking new facilities before the Ricketts even owned the team.
    Also, 2013 is the earliest the Cubs would start playing in Naples. The contract in Mesa runs through 2012.
    Stupid Dawson doesn’t get to pick what cap he wears. If he wants to wear a Cubs hat it should be a Cubs hat.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Right, I misunderstood if the Cubs pulled the trigger on the opt-out that they cannot ditch Mesa until 2013.
      I have nothing against Mesa, however, but they’ve yet to squash Naples out of the picture.
      Doesn’t matter when the city began talking upgrades…they’re not up to the Cubs standard, Naples is a legit destination and time may have run out in the desert.
      Couldn’t agree more about player’s choosing which hat they would wear into the Hall.
      Unfortunately, I understand the importance of not letting teams like the Yankees AND CUBS bribe players into choosing a particular hat.
      But ultimately, it should be the players choice.
      Thanks for checking out the post, Bruce.

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