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Cubs Sign Greg Maddux

By bullpenbrian at 01.12.2010 Leave a comment.

Teams win with inteligent people in the front office and solid pitchnig on the field, which makes the hiring of Greg Maddux as an assistant to Jim Hendry a very smart move by the Cubs.

Maddux, unquestionably, qualifies in both catagories.

He’s always been a cerebrial player and I have little doubt he’ll be a good scout, as well.

Most importantly, the Cubs now have a 350-game winner to mentor its pitching staff both young and old, and that kind of help is hard to find.

With time, perhaps, we could even see Maddux move to the bench as either a pitching or bench coach.

Braves manager Bobby Cox says Maddux is the brightest baseball man he’d ever been around.

I’d say it’s the best moves the Cubs have made all winter.

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