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Rose & McGwire Strikeout

By bullpenbrian at 01.13.2010 Leave a comment.

Mark McGwire should have learned from Pete Rose. Lame apologies mean little when there’s something to be gained other than forgiveness.

Pete wanted the Hall of Fame, McGwire a position as the Cardinals hitting coach.

Although Rose gave a worthwhile apology, he quickly blew his chances by heading to Las Vegas, of all places, to promote his newest book.

McGwire, on the other hand, simply lives in the denial that steroid and HGH use never altered his career numbers at the plate.

Seriously, whatever happened to apologizing simply because you’re wrong?

America will forgive, of course, but the love affair of Rose and McGwire -Roger Clemens and the likes, too- is over…and all because neither one was man enough to truthfully admit to their mistakes.

If anything, it shows just how foolish these guys take us for.

That’s also the difference with Barry Bonds. Bonds wants nothing from baseball while the other two want everything they threw away from the game.

Sorry fellas, but we’re calling you all out.

Of course, it’s easy to criticize Jose Conseco for his method of whistle blowing, but he’s sadly the lone soul who appears to be telling the truth! How sad.

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