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Cubs Fishing For Dan Uggla

By bullpenbrian at 01.18.2010 1 comment.

I can’t hide my bro-mance for Karl Ravech and Buster Olney. Love’em together on Baseball Tonight!

According to Buster, the Marlins are set to begin its season with Dan Uggla at second base, although, a later trade is not out of the question.

Uggla filed for arbitration on Friday. He did the same last year and won the case $5.3 million vs. Florida’s $4.4 million offer.

Odds look good he’ll win again this year, too. And if he does, it’s to the tune of around $8 million — the far upper crust for Florida’s budget.

This would open the trade door for the Cubs, its chance to snag a 29-year-old All Star who’s averaged 32 HR and 95 RBI during his four years.

You won’t get that out of Mike Fontenot, Jeff Baker and Bobby Scales combined.


1 Comment

  1. cubsfan1983 says:

    As a Cubs fan I couldn’t think of anything worse than Theriot and Uggla playing up the middle.

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