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Cubs Want Jermaine Dye

By bullpenbrian at 01.21.2010 2 comments.

Jermaine Dye is undervalued throughout baseball, even on the South Side.

Of course, White Sox fan doesn’t want to hear that, but Dye’s never received the acknowledgment of a Konerko, Thome or Buehrle.

If the Cubs are smart, however, they’ll value Dye this offseason. And if Dye is smart, he’ll commute to the North Side.

Dye must first agree to both a significant a pay cut and reduced playing time, neither of which is as bad as it sounds.

He made $11M last year, but the Cubs need to cut that number in half to roughly $4.5M-to-$5.0M. It’s a big cut, but not unreasonable, either.

Jermaine made $4.0M while claiming the 2005 World Series MVP Award. The following season he collected $5.0M as a fifth-place finisher in the league’s MVP voting.

What I’m saying is, the Cubs’ offer is a fair one, especially for a soon to be 36-year-old, albeit an under appreciated one.

So, what’s in it for Dye? Plenty.

Alfonso Soriano’s history shows he’s likely to land on the DL again, and Kosuke Fukudome could very well ‘spin-o-rama’ himself out of Lou’s favor rather quickly.

Then, there’s Wrigley’s small outfield. The good news being Dye could easily hit 15-20 HR. The bad news being he’d be the latest version of Cliff Floyd defensively in right field, an obviously drawback.

Plus, who’s to say this isn’t the year the Cubs reach the World Series? Such possibility exists given the Cubs’ talented roster, and Dye could be a big contributor.

Not surprisingly, however, the mere rumor of Dye heading to the Cubs has drawn little, if any, excitement from around baseball.

But if this deal gets done, Dye can change that feeling in a hurry…at least so in this city, North & South Side!

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  1. ereka g says:

    you obviously don’t speak with the true white sox fans, for we would tell you that jermaine dye has been more than just an mvp in 2005, he has been pretty consistent, both offensively and defensively throughout his career with the sox and is truly valued by sox fans. while i agree with some of what you are saying, j.d. has been somewhat of an unsung hero, i can tell you that he is my absolute favorite position player for the sox, and he will be missed. and i just have to add that i’ll be in mourning for quite a while if he signs with the northside!

    • bullpenbrian says:

      I totally get where you’re coming from and I realize many Sox fans understand the value of Dye, but I’m not sure the majority does.
      You’ve summed up Dye’s career on the South Side nicely by calling him an ‘unsung hero.’ I’m just saying he shouldn’t be, which I think you fully believe as well!
      I feel the same way about Aramis Ramirez, too. Soriano, Zambrano and D-Lee always seem to grab the headlines, and Ramirez, like Dye, is that unsung hero.
      No doubt I’d be in mourning too if Aramis ever landed in a White Sox uni!
      Thanks for checking out the article.

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