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Andre Dawson Forever A Cub

By bullpenbrian at 01.28.2010 4 comments.

The Hall of Fame got it wrong — the Hawk should be enshrined wearing a Cubs cap.

The fact Dawson believes his six years in Chicago elevated his status to Hall of Famer, not his 11-years in Montreal, should’ve been a deciding factor, at least much more than it appears to have been.

I understand the Hall’s duty to represent its member’s achievements as accurately as possible, but it’s not like Dawson’s numbers with Chicago would’ve misrepresented his career, either.

And that’s what disappoints me the most, the Hall leaving Dawson to celebrate his prestigious award with a team no longer in existence.

Okay, so technically the Expos are the Washington Nationals — big deal. The Hawk has zero ties to its city or fan base, which much prefers to think of its club as the second coming of the Senators than an extension of the Expos anyway.

The Hall’s regrettable decision, however, may work in the Hawk’s favor. By having his public admission to enter Cooperstown as a Cubs denied, it’s quite possible he’ll be endeared by Cubs Nation even more.

Had the Hawk got his wish, this story ends come July. As it is, Dawson will forever be remembered as a Chicago Cub. Now that’s worth celebrating!


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  1. charley says:

    Great post Brian! I couldn’t agree more. Dawson will always be first and foremost a Cub to me!


    • bullpenbrian says:

      You know, I really think non-Cubs fans are going to share the same feelings, too.
      Reminds me of the attention still played to Shoeless Joe Jackson & Pete Rose…nobody forgets that these guys are left out of the Hall.
      My early prediction says…many will remember the Hawk wanted to go in as a Cub, thus helping his chances to be remembered as a Cub forever.
      Could be wrong, of course, but so far so good!
      Thanks for checking out the post. Go Hawk!

  2. Chuck says:

    He should go in an Expo they retired his number the Cub’s didn’t see his 6 years there as great enough to retire his number

    • bullpenbrian says:

      That’s an interesting take, Chuck.
      But I’m afraid jersey retirements had very little to do with what cap belonged on Dawson’s plaque.
      Raising laundry to the rafters is an organizational decision.
      They’re obviously no bench marks, milestones or set ground rules for determning what jersey can or can’t be retireed — and for heaven’s sake, the Tampa Rays have a jersey retired…rediculous!
      But hey, that’s their decision, same way as the Cubs taking forever to honor Ron Santo.
      Still, using jersey retirements to judge a players importance or value to a team is a poor measuring stick.
      You’re basically saying that had the Cubs retired Dawson’s jersey first he should go in wearing a Cubs hat.
      No doubt the Hall’s reasoning for enshrinement is at times mind boggling, but this would take the cake!
      Nonetheless, thanks for checking out the article, man!

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