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Carlos Marmol Contract 1-yr $2.125M

By bullpenbrian at 02.09.2010 Leave a comment.

Glad the Cubs avoided arbitration with Marmol, although I’ve never been sold on Marmol as the Cubs closer.

I think he’s hands-down the best set-up man in the majors, which is why I’d keep him in that role.

But the Cubs and Marmol, of course, agree closing is in the team’s best interest.

And while I realize he went 11-for-11 in saves last year, the frequency at which this guy losses the strike zone  will be frightening come the ninth inning.

That slider of his is another story, too. Deadly for batters and deadly for Marmol’s future pitching career.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Marmol’s stuff as much as the next Cubs fan, but the Frisbees he throws plateward come at the expense of his violent delivery, which is bound to spell arm-trouble down the road.

Basically, if I’m Lou, I keep the options open for another closer and throw the heck out of Marmol in the seventh and eighth innings until that rubber-arm of his collapses.

Beyond this season, you give Marmol a two-year deal and play the odds that he’s cashed out by the time he’s 30-years-old.

Giving Marmol a lengthy deal is a mistake. Unfortunately, I believe making him the closer is too.

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