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Noah Lowry An Option For Cubs

By bullpenbrian at 02.16.2010 Leave a comment.

Noah Lowry should be a realistic option for the Cubs.

The Cubs need more depth to the rotation and Lowry, looking to sign before the start of Spring Training, is in the market for a cheap, one-year, incentive laden deal.

Of course, the guy’s a total rebuild project, not quite reaching the level of a Mark Prior, but heading down the same road, nonetheless.

Since last pitching in the majors two seasons ago, Lowry has suffered through neuromuscular forearm problems, bones spur removal in his pitching elbow, the removal of a rib and thoracic outlet syndrome–shoulder and neck pain that causes numbness in the forearm. Yeesh!

The kid’s an obvious gamble. But the Cubs have an obvious need. So why not take the chance?

Besides, if Larry Rothschild is the wonderful pitching guru many believe him to be, then give him the green light to test Lowry’s recovery in Mesa.

Lowry is young, too, just 29. He’s been patched-up, resting and rehabbing for two years, and carries a note worthy track record from his five years in S.F.

There’s a lot of talent to work with here, much more than the Cubs will have to pay for this spring.

And think, if Lowry does work out, even remotely well, the Cubs can roll Carlos Silva right into obscurity and either trade Lowry at the deadline or offer him a short-term deal following the season.

Maybe I’m way off my rocker here. Maybe Lowry is another B.J. Ryan signing.

But that move didn’t hurt the Cubs, and neither would this one.

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