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MLB 2K10 Release March 2

By bullpenbrian at 03.02.2010 Leave a comment.

MLB 2K10 releases today. I’ll be interested to see where the Cubs finish in a simulated season. I have faith the game will keep the Cubbies in contention, unlike Baseball Prospectus. Then again, who knows?

Nonetheless, I yearn for the days of EA Sports’ MVP series, which surprisingly, has gone unmatched by other developers since EA Sports signed its exclusive deal with the NFL for its Madden series.

That in turn has left gamers, like myself, stuck with unrealistic, bug-filled simulations–especially on the PC.

If we’re lucky EA returns to its baseball series in 2012. Until then, however, you can settle in for MLB 2K10–the gaming version of the Pittsburgh Pirates!


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